Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman on Labor Unions

From an episode of The Open Mind interview, Milton Friedman makes the case that labor unions are no longer on the side of angels. Milton says, and I paraphrase: It used to be that if you said ‘trade union’ you said ‘good’. That’s changed, and desirably it’s changed. Why, because the harm Trade Unions have done have become obvious and patent that even the most innocent and naive, well meaning people, no longer equate labor unions with labor.

It’s interesting that the handwriting on the wall for the demise of labor unions in the United States was so obvious in America in the 1960’s. Yet the UAW didn’t start to self destruct until 1979 when it peaked at 1.5 million members. Today the UAW has a million members less. Source: The Failed UAW Monopoly.

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4 thoughts on “Milton Friedman on Labor Unions

  1. I’m sorry, but BULL. It’s not the unions fault. Why are there less members? Because American auto companies have slashed workers because they can’t make a car as good as foreign auto makers, and because foreign auto makers won’t let unions in their American plants.

    1. You get it. Following your logic above, Unions don’t make better cars. That is root of the problem.

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