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Friedman: Central Park is a Filthy Place

As a libertarian, Milton Friedman advocates private enterprise wherever possible. He uses central park in New York as a prime example of what is wrong with the government owning the park. 

It used to be that you could take your children to central park, drop them off with a teenage babysitter and feel good about it. Not any more since the park is government owned it has become a filthy unsafe place. No one in their right mind would consider dropping their kids off at the park today.

Not so with the museums in New York. Museums are privately owned. Some are for profit, some are not for profit. Museums, because they are owned by the people who manage them, are safe and clean. I would indeed allow my children to be dropped off at a museum because the owners are the best stewards of the property.

People are the best stewards of their own money. Governement is the worst. More info: Friedman Explains Spending