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Fair and Balanced: Friedman was a Liberal before he was a Conservative

Although Friedman lived in earlier times, 1912 to 2006, what Friedman concludes about our capitalist system is exactly what we need to conclude today. Friedman is an excellent study because he at times agreed with both liberal and conservative points of view. Ultimately Friedman’s political eye acutely focused on minimizing the role of government in favor of the private sector.

Friedman Saw Both Sides
He didn’t start out being a conservative, Friedman was originally a liberal and a supporter of FDR’s New Deal’s government intervention in the economy. That all changed in the 1950s when Friedman saw the New Deal Keynesian consumption model failing over and over again. This was the impetus for Friedman to re-evaluate Keynesian economics. He realized the fatal flaw that was a obstacle to business growth and economic recovery. The government was taking too much from the providers and giving it all to the takers. At some point this becomes too big a burden on the workers of a society and the system fails to produce any real growth.

Friedman won the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics. It’s too bad the prize has fallen into shame today.

Friedman More Qualified Than Most
It could be argued that Friedman not only agreed at times with both sides, his arguments have been the most proven to be correct over time. Even Democrat Bill Clinton subscribed to tax cuts to 90 percent of small businesses. President Clinton signed into law the largest deficit reduction plan in history resulting in over $600 billion in deficit reduction. This is right out of Milton and the Chicago School of Economics.

Are there no Milton Friedman’s in Washington?
George W. Bush did not go to the same Chicago school of Economics. And GW Bush did not subscribe to Friedman’s proven policies. Instead George W. Bush spent 5 times more than Clinton.  W. Andrew Sullivan of the TimesOnLine asks, Is Bush a Socialist?

The Time to be Fiscally Responsible is NOW
Obama has proven to be totally irresponsible in fiscal matters. Spend first, find the money second is not only irresponsible, some of the spending may be constitutionally questionable. How can the government seriously fund $787 Billion overnight to bail out private businesses? Health care will increase spending by $600 in a US House bill.  Cash for Clunkers cost taxpayers $24,000 per car and destroyed the entire economic value of every used car.

What about the next generation of republicans and blue dog democrats? Will there be any fiscal conservatives in the next presidential election?

Its time to stop burdening our children with our wild and reckless spending.

Listen Milton Friedman, he’s the expert….

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